Welcome Everyone to my first ever blog! I presume as you are reading this that you have recently given your life to Jesus so let me start by offering my heartfelt congratulations to you on the best decision you will ever make. Taking your first steps in Christ can be daunting and confusing, I know as I have been there. My hope for this blog is that I can take your hand and set you on your journey. You are likely to have so many questions such as; How do I live as a child of God? What can I and can’t I do? Do I need to go to church and if so which one? How do I get to know Jesus? Which Bible should I read? Should I start in the Old or New Testament? Where do I find likeminded people? I aim to answer these questions and more. I will blog my testimony separately so please check that out as there you will read about my journey so far. I am currently studying for a Theology degree and do various Bible Studies both in groups and personally and so I feel I am in a position to answer your questions or, find the answers within the very large Christian library I have built up all over my house! Please feel free to ask any questions or get in touch for any advice you seek. I hope to help! Love and Blessings. Louise x

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