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Christian Movies To Watch

When I first came to Christ, I wanted to absorb myself in everything Jesus.  I wanted to read Christian books, listen to Christian songs and watch Christian movies.  Sometimes this can be hard when you are not used to these things because you have no idea which Christian music artists appeal to your genre of choice, which authors suit you or which movies you will enjoy.

Because of the low budget of many Christian movies you will find some which are very unlike the usual blockbusters that you may watch although I have found that the message carried by these films can, at times, override the poor quality in other areas.  Some Christian movies, especially by the Kendrick Brothers have larger budgets and are well worth watching. 

I have made a list below of my recommendations.  There are others which I have yet to see and still others that I cannot remember well enough to recommend them to you faithfully.  While the majority of our learning must come from Scripture itself, it is in art, paintings, movies, the written word that the message of the Gospel can speak to us so deep in our heart that we remain silent, in awe of this truth.  I found this with many of the movies below, so I hope you watch them and are as moved as I was.

The following can be found on Amazon as a Rental

War Room – £3.49

Paul, Apostle of Christ- £2.49

Courageous – £3.99

The Shack – £3.49

The following can be found on Amazon Prime

God’s Not Dead 1 and 2

The Case for Christ

Do You Believe?

The Cokeville Miracle

The following can be found on Netflix

Same Kind of Different as Me

Left Behind

The following are excellent movies which you could pick up on DVD

Faith Like Potatoes


I would like to leave you today with some examples of art that has taken my breath away.  This is just an exceedingly small collection from our holiday to Malta however, I have so many more pictures like these from various other trips. 

  • There are so many beautiful churches like around Europe that just take your breath away. 
  • This is a picture of the beheading of John the Baptist.  Although it is a barbaric picture it is so moving in that here we see with our own eyes this most violent act of the execution of an innocent man. 
  • This is a picture by the wonderful Caravaggio of John, The Beloved Disciple at his writing desk.
  • This is a statue of Paul The Apostle which is located in a cave in Malta where he spent many months after he was shipwrecked on this island on his way to Rome to be tried and eventually executed.

I hope I have given you an example of how religious art in all mediums can help strengthen our faith and allow us to meet with God.  In my personal experience I have felt God acutely when I have been surrounded by religious art or inside beautiful churches and I expect this is because I can visualise Scripture so much easier.  The same with the movies above, they allowed me to see Jesus, they show me how I should be behaving, they show me my failings and ultimately, they show me the path of God.

I hope you enjoy these.  God willing, I will prepare another blog on both books to read and music to listen to. 

Love and Blessings

Louise x

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