Printable Bible Art

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It can sometimes be difficult to genuinely believe what we read about ourselves in Scripture.  “You are the light of the world”, “You are the salt of the earth”.  If we are to progress in our walk with Jesus, then we must believe what He tells us about ourselves.  I find Bible Art can help to reinforce these affirmations.  Bible Art is also helpful in order to memorize Scripture and really consolidate it in our minds.

I have made many pictures to go alongside my blogs and devotionals and I would like to share these with you as a pdf in order that you can print out any that speak to you.  I confess I am no graphic designer and, as you may remember, I did not undertake a single art project before I began this website 5 short weeks ago so please accept these very amateur designs!

If you would like to make designs yourself, why not have a go with using Canva which is a fantastic site where you can create all sorts of designs with free backgrounds, pictures etc.  It is also possible to upload and include your own photos.  There are many other similar design programmes you could also check out.

You can also design something just with a pencil, paper, and pen.  Look online for hand lettering ideas and use a brush pen to write out a Bible Verse.  This is really effective and will look great on the wall.

Good luck if you decide to make your own designs and if you decide to print off one of mine then I hope it speaks to you.

There are so many resources at our fingertips in the Bible.  If you are in a season of need, whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, illness, or heartbreak you will find a passage to help you in the Bible.  Many Bibles have a section at the beginning which will guide you to a passage for your specific need.  Once you find it, why not create something using this passage so that you see it regularly throughout your day and have it as a reminder of God’s love for you.

Love and Blessings

Louise x  


Bible Verse Art


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Thank you so much for these wonderful pages.

We have a friend in a seniors home that has no family and mom is her only visitor. She will love these and they will encourage her threw these difficult times.

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